Sunday, May 24, 2009

And in the beginning, there was nothing... and then Jenn said, "Let there be blogging."

Every good story is a reflection the story teller. Mine tend to be muddled, re-created from my own poor memory and a bit lazy. I have never been very good at keeping any sort of diary, journal or any sort of daily writing exercise going for very long. Unless you count a mis-guided (and admittedly hysterical and embarrasing) stretch of time when I religiously updated my xanga page. I always wished that I were more disciplined... That I would have a written record to remember my thoughts and actions. That I could more vividly remember my adventures. 

This summer, I have given myself one more chance to redeem myself as a writer, and write extensively about my summer trip to Guanajuato, Mexico. 

I decided to go on this trip in March, and have been preparing ever since. After an excruciating amount of time when the school threatened to cancel my trip due to the poorly timed swine flu "epidemic"(Kansas City has seen more cases than Guanajuato has), I was finally cleared for travel on May 14th. I will be leaving Kansas City on June 6th, fly back into Las Vegas to celebrate my 21st Birthday with my family on July 31st, and then come back to Kansas City on August 6th. While I am in Guanajuato, I will be taking 8 weeks of extensive spanish classes, taking in as much culture the city can offer, taking weekend excursions to other parts of the Mexican country-side, making friends with locals and other travellers, staying with a host family, spending as much time as possible out in the sun, hitting as many dance clubs/karaoke bars as humanly possible and (hopefully) updating this, my blog, every day. 

I'm already starting to feel the deep pits of my stomach lurch as i switch from being  excited and nervous what seems like every 10 minutes. I am ready to see a different country, to learn new things, meet new people and have some real adventure... but I'm scared too. I'm worried that as I learn and change in my new environment, my friends and family will leave me behind in my old environment. Things constantly change, all the time... but if I'm not here when things change, I'm afraid I'll never catch up. 

I'm sure I'm worrying over nothing. When I was in Pennsylvania for 2 months, things were perfectly fine when I got back home. I think this is just a small nagging fear that must be set aside, and so I will write about it, get it out of my system and prepare for all the great things heading my way. 


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