Thursday, June 4, 2009

To provide proof of evil in this world, I give you exhibit A: Packing

How long can it possibly take to pack a suitcase? In my case, it takes a number of weeks to get motivated, days to get lists made and preliminary piles started all around the house and hours to actually sit down and start assembling my actual bag. Without my mom's help, I would be like a blind kid putting together a 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle: that is utterly useless (unless, by some chance i'm that blind kid that uses echo location to somehow dominate at mortal combat... which would be extremely cool).

When I'm not packing, I'm running to various stores, calling numerous institutions, and generally driving myself completely crazy thinking about all the work I have yet to accomplish. That is, when I'm not FREAKING OUT about my inability to speak the language of the place I intend to call home for the next several weeks. i'm sure i'll be fine... i've gotten some great advice, but i'd love more. so, show me some loving, and tell me what to do!!

That's it for tonight. i'm exhausted. i'll be sure to write once more before i leave.

<3 jenn

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