Friday, June 5, 2009

Off, off, and away!

Now it's time to go. My bags have been packed. I have procured a new camera, numerous odds and ends, brand new purse, I have my flight confirmed and I have my passport ready to go. And I will miss everyone here at home.

I will miss my mom, who has spent the past week making sure I will have everything that I could ever need with me... and that it fits in my one checked bag. I love you.

I will miss my dad who has helped me keep my sense of humor throughout the entire preparation time. I love you.

I will miss my siblings who have run errands with me, helped me sneak away for a bit of relaxation and have generally put up with my frantic behavior like champs. I want to thank Jessica for putting together my special "goodbye" lunch. You are incredible. I love you.

I will miss my friends. I will miss Jessica T, Quinn, Julia, Michael, Kinuko, Justin, Francesca, Alex, 27, Jon, Crissy, Chrystal, Holly, Rachel, and Andy. You guys have been great, making sure that you have wished me luck and given me every piece of advice that I could ever need. When I get home, I promise, we will throw a huge party, and I will thank you all properly. I love you.

I will miss my Grandma Carol, who was always there with words of wisdom, love and jokes. She even had gifts for me. She is an incredible woman, and I hope to have half of her patience, understanding, and compassion during my travels. I love you.

I will miss everyone who has wished me a safe journey. There are too many to name. I love you.

If you would like mail from Mexico, just shoot me an email with your address-

If you would like to send me mail, this is going to be my address.

Jenn Peterson c/o Sr. Gilberto Rodriguez
Cerrada Contrapresa del Venado No. 51
Guanajuato, Guanajuato

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  1. You better be having a great time in Mexico, because life here is hell.